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Ever find yourself wondering who invented the chocolate chip cookie? How the Oreo got its name? Or why a Boston Cream is referred to as a pie when it’s obviously a cake? If any of this sounds familiar, then you are what we refer to as a curious eater. Well, you’re in great company because so are we!

At Milk + Honey, we give you the answers to your questions. The history behind each dish, and the catalysts behind its creation. Presenting not only the facts but the tall tales and myths that have sprung up around some of the world’s most iconic recipes. Join us as we explore the often weird but always interesting stories behind our favorite foods and the very best ways to prepare them.


I’m Hannah the creator of Milk + Honey and long time curious eater. Three years into a BFA I dropped out of school and spent a year abroad. As I learned more about cultures outside my own, I began to discover the profound role food plays in each. I became fascinated by the influence food has had on our history. It’s ability to shape societies and shift cultures. A few years later I graduated from culinary school and now I’m focused on finding the best dishes with the most interesting back stories to share with you. 

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Recipe Development– Experienced in creating new recipes or revamping old ones, all my recipes are unique and tailor-made to fit your tastes and special requirements. High-quality photos can also be provided together with your recipes.

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